• Pascal BERNARDON

    Pascal BERNARDON

    Metteur en Scène des Usages Collaboratifs et des Savoirs. Aime les voyages, la photo et la vidéo https://unsplash.com/@pbernardon https://goo.gl/4ts4NC

  • Mathew Jasmine

    Mathew Jasmine

  • Amber Klee

    Amber Klee

    The Reflexive Typewriter: A Memoir of Mental Health and Healing While Still Thriving

  • Gabriela Marie Milton

    Gabriela Marie Milton

    Amazon Best-Selling Author, new poetry book Woman: Splendor and Sorrow https://us.amazon.com/Woman-Splendor-Sorrow-Poems-Poetic-ebook/dp/B09BBH4WC6

  • Mike Alexander

    Mike Alexander

    France based freelance writer with a passion for the environment and quirky cultural history. http://mediumauthor.com/@mikealexander wordseeker46@yahoo.com

  • Treathyl Fox

    Treathyl Fox

    (“cmoneyspinner”) Freelancer since 2007. (cmoneyspinner@gmail.com) https://www.blogger.com/profile/12189784640040376567

  • Kristoffer Hedley Platt

    Kristoffer Hedley Platt

    29 y/o Irishman living in Cornwall that thinks a lot about pretty much everything. I’m here to share what goes on in my brain with strangers. Fiction/Essays

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