Everything Has Been Photographed, So What Can I Shoot?


Photo by William Daigneault on Unsplash
Photo by Alex wong on Unsplash
  • Use a macro lens and take a photo of something small that is not normally seen.
  • Use a zoom lens to isolate part of a scene in the city or countryside.
  • Use a slow shutter to blur a moving object.
  • Move your camera around while taking a photo to blur the scene (intentional camera movement or ICM).
  • Take a photo of a reflection in water or glass to distort the image.
  • Take photos from unusual angles or viewpoints.
  • Take a photo slightly out of focus.
  • Use multiple exposures.
  • Use your editing software to crop an existing photo.
  • Use your editing software to artificially distort the colours.
Photo by Taylor Leopold on Unsplash



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